Review and Swatch: Wet n’ Wild Silk Finish lipstick in 537A Blind Date

Just a few months ago Wet n’ Wild changed a lot of their packaging and added a few new shades to some of their existing lines. I already reviewed one of the new Wild Shine nail polishes and so now I’m trying one of the lipsticks.
Blind Date is one of the newly added lipsticks. It looks like a rich medium red/purple in the tube, but when worn is a super sheer medium pink.
built up with several swipes

This formula is a lot slicker and sheerer than other Silk Finish lipsticks. Some of the other shades (like Black Orchid and Cinnamon) are very opaque yet creamy. This is just so sheer! I was honestly really disappointed because I was hoping for a very different shade and I don’t wear a lot of sheer lipsticks.

Now, in addition to a few new shades, the packaging of this line was redone. I have some mixed feeling about this. The good things are that the new black packaging is sleeker, will not rub/ scratch off like the silver, and overall looks less cheap.  It also feels sturdier. The bad thing is it is a bit of a pain to close. Before the cap and base were just circles like normal lipsticks. Now it has a bit of a curve or “high-low” action going on so you have to have the cap and base perfectly aligned for it to snap closed. I have never done this. Instead I get is so very almost perfectly aligned and then twist it a hairsbreadth and then fully close this.

Overall, I’m not too happy with this purchase. The color is sheer and completely different on the lips than it is in the tube.  The packaging is also annoying to fully close and so I don’t see myself replacing all my silk finish lipsticks with the new packaging. The only good this is that this was 99 cents so it didn’t hurt my wallet. 


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