Review and Swatch: Essence lip liner in 11 In the Nude

The last time I was at Ulta I wanted to buy two Nyx products but also wanted to use my $3.50 of $10 coupon and found myself about a dollar short so I decided to pick up this nude lip liner from Essence since it was $1.50.
11 In the Nude is a medium rosy beige. It looks like a nude on my lips but I think will only look truly nude on someone with a light to light medium skin tone.
This pencil goes on extremely creamy; more than any other lip liner I’ve tried. This seems a goof thing, so tugging right? But it can be not so good. It is so creamy it smudges at the lightest touch. This means if you are wearing this like a lipstick it is good. But, actually wearing it like a lip liner under a lipstick? Not so much. This color will smear and blend into your other lipstick changing the color.

Overall, this product is okay. If I wear it like a lipstick then it is a good color and good texture, but if I try to wear it like a lip liner it only works if I use a gloss with a light touch or a lipstick super close to the color of the liner. 


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