Review and swatch: NYC Matte me crazy Top Coat

Personally, I find matte nail polish to be so cool; if you take a normal polish you will be surprised how very different it looks when matte. It’s like having two polishes in one! To make a regular polish matte though, you need a matte top coat. These top coats can be expensive; Essie is $10, OPI is $9, but there is a drugstore alternative so you don’t have to try crazy DIY’s like using steam!

NYC’s Matte me crazy is a matte top coat. It is a clear polish that when used like a clear top coat would be, makes the nail polish matte. It retails for about $1.79 at walmart, target, and drugstores. The brush on this polish is a bit larger than normal, but not huge or oversized. The formula on this polish though, is a bit runny so you will want to be careful to not put too much product on the brush.
Sephora by OPI in Metro Chic, normal top coat

To make your nails matte, you want to put a generous amount on your nail and use the minimal amount of brush strokes fairly quickly; you do not want it to get tacky. Matte polish also reveals any brush strokes and mistakes that you make with the under polish so you will want to use a polish that doesn’t streak or show brushstrokes for a smooth final look.
metro chic with matte top coat

Overall, I think this is a great polish and makes some very cute looks (I love a matte soft pink with silver accents, too!) and is fun to play around with. For the under $2 price, there is no reason to not check out this trend from the higher end brands.


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