Nail look: studded

Studs and gems have found a place in the nail art industry a lot lately, and I have gotten in on the trend. Once thing I do not have though, is nail glue. This is how I get by:
What you need:
Nail polish (the color you want your nails to be)
Nail gems/ studs
Clear top coat
Optional: super glue

First you want to paint your nails; today I used Sephora by OPI in On Stage. Now you want to let it dry. Now take out what ever studs/ gems you like. I got my faceted “hematite” colored gems at Prisms of Light on Etsy: here. They are $2.50 for 144 2mm “gems”.

Then you want to choose either to use just clear top coat or superglue. Clear top coat is something everyone probably has and does work, but takes longer and is more delicate. You cannot do anything rigorous with your hands for hours, preferably not until the next day. This includes taking a shower or washing dishes because the gem may fall off.  With superglue you are good to go in minutes.

If you are using top coat; spread a thin layer onto the area of you nail you want you studs to go. Then, wait 30 seconds to a minute for it to get tacky, and then apply the stud. Move it into the position you want and press down slightly. Then, let it dry for about 5 minutes.  After you believe the polish to be dry, carefully apply another layer of top coat to seal in the stud; making sure to get on top of and around the stud.

If you are using superglue carefully apply a small amount directly where you want the stud to go and, working quickly, apply the stud carefully on the spot; be accurate. After this, press it down slightly for 30 seconds or so or until the glue is dry. After this, I like to apply a layer of clear top coat to make sure it is completely sealed on. You may want to skip this though, if the reason you chose the glue method was so you didn’t have to interfere with a gem’s clarity or finish.

If I take the time to make sure everything is dry; these easily last me all week. When it is time to remove my nail polish I simply press the acetone dipped cotton ball over the studs and in a circular motion, clear away the nail polish around it and let it soak in underneath.  If it doesn’t lift easy; a pick of my nail and it is off.


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