Review and Swatch: Stila Wish Upon a Star holiday Palette

This Stila palette was out this past December and I believe the December before; this may be reoccurring. This palette contains 6 eye shadows and one cheek/lip product. I comes in a magnetized cardboard like flip palette. When I bought it, it was $16.

The colors in this palette are (going clockwise) Cosmic (a sparkly silver), shooting star (a shimmering lavender), wish ( a matte pink/lavender), dreamer ( a matte plum), starbright (a satin dark grey), and comet ( a matte light grey). The lip color/ cream blush is quince ( a bright pink).

This palette contains both sparkly/satin colors and matte in a good range of purples and greys enabling you to do either a pastel or a smoky look. The quality of these eye shadows is fantastic; the texture is buttery and soft; I experience little to no fall out. The glide on nicely and are easy to blend. If anything they blend too easily. The colors go on a little light and can be blended out a lot. To get a really dark, smoky look you would either have to layer these immensely, or use some colors from another palette.

The lip/cheek color is merely ok. It can go on well, as a cheek color and be blended out, but for me it is quite useless for that job. I do not wear cream blushes. For a lip color it is less manageable. It is a very bright color and looks too clownish for my taste; like a young girl’s color. It also has the problem faced by cream products in a palette with powders; the dust from the eyeshades eventually migrate into the cream product causing a mess.

bright light

Overall I think this is quite a good palette that is easily portable, and a good way to try out higher end brand’s eye shadows for not a lot of money. If you can still find this palette, or other Stila holiday palettes I would recommend them to you.

I hope you found this review helpful!


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