Review and swatch: Wet n’ Wild silk finish lipsticks in Black Orchid and Cinnamon

These were the first two lipsticks I own and thus hold a special place in my heart and my make-up collection even if the lipsticks I reach towards tend to be newer.  These lipsticks are part of the wet n’ wild silk finish line; while these shades are fantastic and have a nice stain/crème finish be careful with some of the other shades. Many of them have that tacky, child-like frost and extreme shimmer finishes, especially several pinks.

Black Orchid (508A) is a reddish, berry/plum. In some lights in seems to have a bit of a brown tint, but not enough to call it brown toned.

Cinnamon (509A) is a neutral to slightly cool toned red, a fantastic “basic” red lipstick.

Both these shades go on like a dream, so silky smooth and easily applied to the lips. They both have fantastic pigmentation; I swipe it once on my top lip and them smack my lips together to transfer the color and that is how I get perfectly opaque color on both my lips! Simply fill in any bare spots around the edges! Neither of these is drying in the least.
The packaging on these is the biggest downfall; cheap plastic that is prone to cracks and the silver painted parts scratch and rub off.  They have a slight scent that is “fake” or “soap” to my nose; I guess this means they are unscented and that is just the smell of the ingredients.
Overall these are actually great lipsticks in cheap tubes, but for the price of 99 cents at your nearest drugstore to can afford to try several colors and try them out. I also think these are a great first lipstick for young girls (or anyone!).


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