Food Review: Tazo Chai Tea concentrate

I really like iced chai lattes, but recently found my chai tea bags to have expired! I then decided to buy some new ones at the store and found this concentrate instead! It is a bit more expensive than just tea bags (it was $3.45 when most brands of chai tea bags were around $2.50) and probably will end up making less than 20 cups of tea where 20 tea bags would make that much.
This concentrate is more convenient though than bags because it is pre-brewed to a concentrated strength and there is no need to wait for it to cool. To make a chai latte just add milk or milk substitute to this over ice and you have a perfect latte!

I really enjoy this concentrate. Even though it’s a bit expensive to me it’s definitely cheaper than buying k-cups or buying from starbucks. It tastes like a chai latte should taste (yummy warm cinnamon and cloves oh my!) with the convenience of adding your milk of choice to your level of strength.

I would definitely recommend this to anyone who likes iced chai lattes! (You can even warm it up for hot chai drinks!)


  1. i bought the passion tea fro TAZO a while back and now i can make a my fave starbucks drink at home! yyyaaaayyy


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