Review and Swatch: Nyx Macaron Lippies Part 2

If you want to know about the drama of how I got these lippies see part 1. Basically I finally got these much anticipated lipstick off so here is my review.
The three colors I got are Lavender, Violet, and Chambord.

Lavender is a cool toned greyish light lavender purple. This one is creamy, but a bit sheer upon first application, but can easily be worked to opacity with a few swipes. It has some trouble staying on the center of my bottom lips. It feels creamy and not drying. It looks strangely flat on the lips, maybe because of the very light nature of the color.

Violet is a mid-purple that is a bit warm toned but with some bluish hints. It is the most wearable color here and is something I see myself wearing quite a lot. It applies well and opaque and only has a little trouble in the center bottom lip. It doesn’t tug and is creamy and not drying.

Chambord is an opaque black. This is the best applying of all colors. It is creamy and opaque covering the lips perfectly. While I might not bring this out often it is a joy to apply.

These have a slight vanilla scent. The packing is a bit of a week point. It had a black top and bottom with about 1/3 and inch of clear plastic revealing the actual product so you can see realistic colors. The cap closes very sturdily but can be a pain to take off. Each contains .16 oz/4.5 g which is more than MAC (3g) and Wet n wild (3.3 g) even though it doesn’t appear to have much. It has a short but thick stick of lipstick. These fade unfortunately quickly; after three hours there was no sheen left and the purple I was wearing had faded to a dull plum hint on top of my lips.
ombre lip using all three

Overall, I am very fond of these lipsticks. While I might not wear Lavender or Chambord that often, I am glad to have them.  They are creamy and feel nice on the lips; they are not drying. You may have to work a bit with the lighter colors, but they are not hard to use. If you can get your hands on them I recommend Violet the most. You can get these at NYX or Ulta’s websites or at Ulta stores for $5.99.
wearing violet

Note: Since I ordered this from the Ulta website I received some samples that I am happy about:  Agave hair oil treatment, Life Jump Start Body Wash and body Lotion, and (most exciting) Stila triple sample of all over shimmer liquid illuminizer in pink shimmer, rose gold shimmer, and bronze shimmer. 


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