Review and Swatch: Epielle aqua tinted BB cream in light beige

I finally have my first BB cream, yay! I have been interested in BB creams since the fad started a few years ago and have been reading up on reviews of drugstore formulas with the intent of buying one eventually, but the fact is I was afraid! One thing I was afraid of is color; most have just a few shades and since most come in an opaque bottle it’s hard to tell which one to get! The second thing I was hesitant about is coverage. I like my foundations to have a medium to full coverage and though I have been wanting a sheerer formula I don’t want it to not cover anything.  What made me buy this in the end was the price. I picked this up at my local Amelia’s grocery outlet for $1.99; you can’t beat that! And let’s just say I have been pleasantly surprised…
This product appears to come in to shades: light beige and normal beige. I picked up light beige and found it to be a good match. I have light, yellow toned skin. While I have never been MAC matched I’d probably say NC20? The squeeze bottle contains 1 fl oz.
This product is about the consistency of a liquid foundation. It’s not overly runny (I don’t have trouble trying to keep in on my hand) but not as thick as my cream foundation. I applied this to my face and found I needed a little more than normal to cover my face. When applied it smooths out and dries or sets quickly onto the face.  I used my fingers as it seems to be the standard for BB cream and applied it over my entire face and then used a bit extra on my problem spots. I am quite impressed! This covered most if not all of my redness from blemishes and evened out my skin tone! This was improved more when I set it with my l’oreal true match powder.
bare face
with BB cream
BB cream and powder

I find this application to give me medium coverage (sheer if using one layer) and it feels nice and light on the skin. It lets more of my natural skin show through and gives a natural looking texture. One thing my mother seemed to notice is with this she can see all the little hairs on my face! (This could be a negative, a positive, or a neutral for some people. For me this just means my foundation isn’t as thick as before.) I can definitely see myself wearing this as an alternative to my regular foundation, though it doesn’t feel much lighter than my normal foundation and it really isn’t much quicker.  The only real problem is though, when applying with fingers it can get uneven and patchy; so I will still use my Real Techniques expert face brush for daily use.

Overall, I really like this product as an alternative to my normal foundation. This BB cream provides the coverage and color that I like with a natural looking finish. For only $1.99, if you have fair to medium skin I’d advise picking this up if you see it!


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