Nyx Macaron Lippies Part 1: The DRAMA

This is the first part of my Nyx Macaron Lippies Review, the second (and last) will be the actual review and swatch part so feel free to skip this and just wait for that post which will come soon. I have to talk about this part though so humor me…
Like many other people out there (but not enough for most cheap brands to care) I like “unusual” colors of lipstick; the sort of thing OCC and Melt cosmetics sell so when I heard about the Nyx Macaron lippies I was very excited and vowed to get several colors. At this point though, I didn’t know when they were coming out they had just appeared in this sneak peak post on Instagram. Which was 7 months ago so around November 2013. http://instagram.com/p/hmXqi8BFfy/  I waited patiently (and not so patiently for them until they appeared online in the end of April. I do not like buying online though because it is more expensive (no coupons or sales plus shipping price) and I wanted to see both swatches and them in person before purchase.
I waited a few weeks until the middle of May without hearing when these would come to stores so I e-mail NYX and never got any response. A few days later I learned that now Ulta was saying they’d get then June 7th. About two weeks before that though, I read reviews of people having found them instore so both the weekend before and the weekend of June 7th I went to two different Ultas to see if I could get them. Both said they didn’t get them. The next Friday I called them; the one says they put them out Monday and sold out in hours, another says they just put out the display and it was full. I go to this one at around noon the next day; almost all colors are sold out.  The display was tiny and cardboard with only about 6 slots for each color (and I think some colors had only 3). I explain to the Ulta people about my problem and the gernal consensus is they don’t know when or if they will get more in store and to e-mail NYX corporate. I do e-mail NYX again; they never respond.  This same Saturday I Instragamed and Tweeted about this; Nyx never responds but Ulta asks me to send an e-mail with my problem to a help line of theirs. The e-mail me the next Monday and basically say “Sorry, we couldn’t provide these instore please use this gift card to take off the shipping price online.” This was very kind of them and much appreciated. Since I was working that night until 10:30 I decided to order them the next morning. Unfortunately though, they were sold out of Lavender so I decided to wait until they restocked. They didn’t restock until June 20th which is when I ordered them. In this time NYX also sold out online and the stores said they had the items on backorder

The moral of this story: When items are hyped up 6 months in advance, especially a unique product, they are going to sell out quickly. Provide more than 6 of each color to stores at make sure both you and the one store you are selling it with have enough product in the warehouse. Also, Ulta staff in store and online are extremely helpful and kind but NYX corporate will not respond to your tweets or e-mail.  Seriously though, I send two e-mails, both of which are ignored the first of which was sent over a month ago! That’s not a helpful company. I also thought it annoying that they continued to push and advertise this line on social media when no one could get it. This made me very frustrated. I almost didn’t buy them because of this anger, but purple lipstick! I am weak for this marketing ploy. 


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