Review and Swatch: Baby Lips Doctor Rescue in 50 Soothing Sorbet

On a recent trip to target the Baby Lips were discounted to $2 from $3.50 and I had a 75 cent off coupon so I picked up one from a line I hadn’t tried get: Dr. Rescue. These baby lips are marketed as medicated and contain Menthol.
Soothing Sorbet is a berry tones medium pink that comes off as a medium pink when swatched. Applied to the lips it only evens out the lip tones and doesn’t provide high pigmentation as is so with all the Baby Lips. The scent is a sweet mint.

The reason why I picked this one is because I love menthol in lip balms. The whole tingle sensation is one of the reasons I love Burt’s Bees, and now I have it in a baby lips! The tingle only lasts a minute or two but that’s how it is with most lip balm containing this. I do not know if this is any more moisturizing or “healing” than the other Baby lips, but I do find it to feel “thicker” and less thin and greasy than the original.
bare lips

with sorbet

Overall, I am fond of this baby lips collection for the minty tingle when applied. I like this better than the original line, but since the colors are so sheer I feel no need to pick up any other colors. This normally retails for around $3.50. 


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