Review and Swatch: MN MeNow Generation II Long Lasting Lipgloss in 25, 26, 33

When I ordered my last Menow lipstick in 03 I also order these three but from a different seller so they came a few days later. I bought these off of ebay for around $1 each and can be bought by many sellers; there is no direct way to order from the company that I have seen.

25 is a bright neon blue toned pink. This one comes to the best finish of all of them. It has an almost velvety appearance which makes me think a lot of the Lime Crime Velveteen in Pink Velvet.

26 is a medium peachy-nude. It is very similar to 03 but more orange toned.

33 is a brick/ brown toned dark red. It reminds me of Lime crime Velveteen in Wicked.

All of these come to a matte finish and last a long time. They come with a doe-foot applicator but I have found using a stiff lip brush yields the best results.  They are not overly drying on the lips, but if I wear them for too long my lips to feel rough.

The best way to remove these is to use a make-up remover meant for waterproof products. Another way is to fist apply a lip balm, wait a few minutes, then remove with a damp cloth or make-up wipe. Adding a balm or gloss breaks down the liquid lipstick so it can be removed easier, but it also mean you can move the pigment around like for a touch up, or just wear it glossy!

#25 is my favorite of all the colors and the one I most recommend. I do also like 33, but since it’s so dark it can look patchy very easily. 26 I like for a nude lip, but I hate it matte. Instead I always wear it glossy.

For around $1, these “lip glosses” are a cheap thrill. They perform decently and can be worn both matte and glossy. I would recommend these to anyone just wanting to try something new, or if you love the look of the Lime Crime Velveteens and want a $1 alternative to a $20 product. I have not tried the Velveteens though, I am only judging based on photographs. 

Edit: See my previous post about this brand here!


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