Review and Swatch: Menow Generation II Long Lasting Lip Gloss in # 03

 I can’t quite remember where I first saw mention of these lip colors; I think either facebook or, more likely, tumblr. The brand is Menow which I cannot find much information about; most references to the brand are to this specific product and like to various wholesale websites. I bought mine off of ebay for a little over $1 per lip color and free shipping. I got four colors in total, but they are arriving at different times do today I’m just reviewing #3.

#3 is a medium neutral mauve pink
Since this is a pretty basic and common color, I decided to go through my stash to find what I had similar. In the photo from bottom (were 3 is) to top it goes as follows: wnw mauve outta here, wnw wineroom, wnw rosebud, Maybelline hooked on pink, Maybelline yummy plummy, and on the side id occ memento. The closest color is Wet n’ wild Wine Room.

While these are called lip glosses, that is not very accurate. They are described on ebay as “waterproof lip glosses” but are more along the lines of a liquid lipstick. The formula is thin, but not liquidly and is extremely pigmented. It dried and set pretty quickly.  The finish is velvety matte, but it doesn’t dry completely in the middle which can cause some of the product to rip off the bottom lip. Even though it does this I didn’t have any problem patching it up. The new product blended seamlessly with the old and didn’t seem to build up. The formula is also pretty drying; I can make it 8 hours with this on without problems, but after I take it off my lips feel super dry and get a bit flakey! It is also definitely waterproof! After washing my hands with soap, micellar water, and plain water this didn’t budge! But, if you apply a makeup remover that is meant for waterproof products, it comes off fine.

after washing off all the other swatches

They come is a thin, test tube like tube that is about six inches long and contains a doe foot applicator. Since the applicator wand is so long, it can be unwieldy to use. This causes the product to get out of my lip lines and not be very crisp; I’m going to try and experiment with different ways of application. Since it is also waterproof once a mistake is made it is hard to remove.
The product came to me individually and not safety sealed. By looking at the top of the reservoir though I could tell no one had tried to use it (it was clean). It has a slightly sweet scent.

Overall this is a decent product. It is a nice color, though I have some similar, and had an interesting finish. I just wish the formula wasn’t so drying and that the applicator was easier to use.
 Edit: I have a new post on three other colors here!


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