Review and Swatch: E.L.F Baked Highlighter in Moonlight Pearls

Highlighting has become a very big and mainstream trend in the past few years, but I have been hesitant to spend a lot of money on highlighting products. I do have a cream highlighter (Watt’s Up from Benefit) that I got as part of a kit, but I don’t use cream highlighters (or any cream products) often because of how much powder I use. So, I wanted a powder highlighter that wasn’t too pricey. Ever since E.L.F came out with their baked highlighters I have wanted to try them. Unfortunately, they never came in stock to any stores that sell E.L.F. near me. So, when E.L.F. had a free shipping with no minimum promotion I picked one up.
Moonlight Pearls is a light gold highlighter with shimmer but no noticeable glitter.
stuck to finger

When I first swatched this, my first thought was it was so dry! And then I rubbed it on my hand, and I couldn’t even see it! You really have to rub it hard with your finger to get anything, a brush won’t even pick anything up, and then it never transfers to you hand or the shimmer is just that low! It just sticks to my finger!
Can you see it? I added three heavy layers to my skin.

Honestly, I feel really disappointed in E.L.F about this. The product is dry and can’t even be picked up by a brush. It doesn’t show up on this skin. I basically spent $3 on something I’ll never use. Good thing I only bought one and it wasn’t more expensive! Maybe I got a defective product, but more than likely these are just bad highlighters. 


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