Review and Swatch: Nyx Soft Matte lip cream in London

Let’s just say after I got my first few Nyx Soft Matte Lip Creams I just had to pick up another. I’m also having this really weird nude phase? Like, I never used to like nudes in nail polish or lip color and now I’m going crazy and buying them? And really like wearing them? Well, that’s how I came to pick up London (though being named after my favorite city didn’t hurt).
London is a neutral toned mid-toned beige

For me, this color is the perfect “nude” color. It is just a shade or two darker than my (pale) skin and had not conflicting tones. I have been afraid of buying a lot of nudes that look rosy, because I am a very warm toned person and I’m afraid it will clash or look weird. But, this lip product seems very neutral toned and so will work well with many skin tones.

As with the other soft matte lip creams, this goes on pretty opaquely with one swipe but I do add another just to make sure it all very opaque. The finish is very matte, but very wearable and feels comfortable and not drying.

As before, I really like this lip cream overall. The color is very nice on me and great with anything since it’s a nude. The feel is also comfortable and it’s easy to apply with the doe foot applicator. And it’s only $6. I would really recommend these to anyone who is fond of matte lip colors. 


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