Review: Birchbox June Unboxing

I’ve been interested in getting a subscription beauty box for a while, but have been debating the price verses what you get in a box in addition to the “surprise” factor. So, when there was a code to get a Birchbox (one of the most popular subscription boxes) for only $1, I decided to pick it up!
This is the Birchbox June box whose theme was “Adventure.” Birchbox normally retails for $10.

The products included were:
Vasanti “Brighten up!” exfoliator: this is a medium size sample; the size that one expects from these types of boxes. The exfoliator is supposed to be like microdermabrasion. It has very small beads and a fine texture so I feel it exfoliates really well without being harsh. I do really like it but the regular price is too high for me to buy full sizes.  Full size price is $34.
Supergoop Anti-ageing eye cream: this was an absolute tiny sample; like smaller than my thumb! It worked as well as any other eye cream to me and there wouldn’t be enough to see any anti-aging differences (though I don’t need or look for anti-ageing products). Once again, the full sie is too epensive for me at $45.
Dr. Jart+ BB Night Beauty Balm: This was also a small sample, since it was an all face product you could get only two or three uses. This product also confused me because who needs or wants a tinted BB cream for night time? The formula was clear with white beads that adjusted to you skin tone. The tint was so light it gave what I would say is no coverage at all. But still why would you want to sleep in this? It’s just a moisturizer! (also full size $38)
Coastal Scents Revealed 3 eyeshadow quad: this tiny quad came in a little plastic case in a little cardboard box. The gold and brown ere decently pigmented, but the red and especially the lilac was not. Also, this is so inconvenient to use! These four colors don’t go particularly well together and who wants to fiddle with the little plastic case?
Marcelle Waterproof eyeliner: one to the best thing! This is about half the size of the full size and mine came in a navy blue color. It’s the traditional pencil eyeliner (which I do not usually use) but goes on creamy and well. It’s not particularly special but decent.  (full size $11)
And Last was a Bonus- Emi Jay Hair Tie: one of those wristband types that are really just a piece of elastic tied in a knot. These are not my favorite type of hair tie and this was in an unfortunate pea green color. Worth about $2.
I was very disappointed by Birchbox. While this might technically reach a $10 worth, it is worth less in its actual usefulness. A tiny thing of BB cream and eye cream? Inconvenient eyeshadows? The eyeliner was decent and the scrub was a halfway respectable size, but the rest was bad. I would never have spent $10 on this, not even $5! Another annoying this is everyone gets different stuff, so for some people this was a really good month and for others it was a waste. It just feels unfair that some get “cheaper” boxes. This in no way inspired me to ever get birchbox again and has kind of scared me off all boxes because now when I look at some people’s great reviews all I can think of is “But what did other people get?!”
Seriously disappointed.


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