Brief Performance Review: Billy Elliot

I had the opportunity to go see a great musical that is very popular right now: Billy Elliot. The musical is about a young boy in a poor mining town in the north on England who want to become a ballet dancer. This musical is full of dance, quite quality and technical dance at that. The boy who plays Billy Elliot is absolutely fantastic; he had to dance so many times in the course of the show and sing on top of that; he must have an extraordinary amount of stamina.  The story had comedy, emotion, and historical reference. One of the main points of the show is a miner’s strike and their hatred of Margaret Thatcher; this is made more poignant by being in London and surrounded by people who actually lived during Margaret Thatcher’s time as Prime Minister.

Overall, it was a very nice show to go to with a very interesting plot. Make sure you go with a liberal companion though; it criticized conservative government and has many references to homosexuality. (so like, a person you would take to a musical). 


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