Review and Swatch: Rimmel Sweetie Crush nail polish in 011 Violet Swizzle

With summer comes new limited edition make up collections to the drugstore. The new Sweetie Crush collection from Rimmel London is putting two trends together: pastel nails and textured polish. The colors and the display was so cute (and the price was good too!) so I decided to pick up my first textured polish. The collection has five polishes: yellow, green, pink, blue, and purple.
Violet Swizzle is a very light pastel warm pink violet. On the first layer it appears almost white, with a second coat the purple becomes noticeable. I applied a base coat and then two coats of color for this swatch. The texture is distinctive (like sandpaper or, for the theme, sugar crystals) but not so rough to be irritating. The polish also applied surprisingly smoothly and dried extremely fast.
The bottle only contained .27 oz which is less than most polishes that have around .5 oz or so. The price though was quite cheap and reflected this: $2.25. The size also doesn’t bother me because how often do you use up a bottle of nail polish? The bottle itself is also cute with the retro awning design on the top; I only wish it had been printed on or went the whole way around. I also managed to get this for only 85 cents. The price was 2.25 but I had a $1 off rimmel coupon and then since I am a rite aid gold member I got a further 20% off!

Overall, this is a really cute color and texture for not very much. A great addition to your summer line up!


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