Review: Batiste Dry Shampoo in Oriental

Many beauty bloggers online rave about Batiste dry shampoo as if it’s some sort of a miracle; it for me it had to be for the price in the US. For a single can of this stuff it costs $8 for the 200ml size. In the UK, on the other hand, this only costs about 3 pounds which, even with the conversion rate, only comes out to $5, so I decided to buy some in the UK. Also, I don’t believe you can get the “oriental” scent in America. I already use some dry shampoo upon occasion, Suave brand, so I was curious to see how this compares.
The scent of this one is pretty strong and distinctly floral; the website describes it as “fruits, flowers, and rich coconut.” While it is nice for me, someone with a sensitive nose will think it’s too much and let’s just say I would not want to spray this is an enclosed space. But just the two spritzes I did for my head didn’t cause too much scent.
I used this a few days after I last washed my hair which left my hair a bit limp and my scalp just slightly oily. I sprayed this on the roots of my hair about an inch or two from my part on either side. My main surprise was the sheer amount of volume I got. My suave does a good job at absorbing oil but never gives me this much volume! I did notice a slight lessening in the oiliness of my hair around where I sprayed the dry shampoo.
Overall, I really do enjoy this dry shampoo, but it’s debatable for me if it’s worth the $8. Since this is not a “lifesaver” product for me I will probably go back to Suave when this is out unless I find a can cheap at Ross or T. J. Maxx.


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