Food Review: Chia Mamma Raspberry Passion vitality beverage

Every time I would see these drinks I always thought: “Who would want to drink that?” it’s a juice full of seeds!  But, since I quite liked chia seed pudding I decided to try one out for myself.
Chia Mamma drinks are made of all organic ingredients: hydrated chia seeds, juice, agave, and flavorings.  The chia must be hydrated because while it’s otherwise a hard, crunchy seed, when soak in a liquid it softens and becomes glutinous.  Upon buying, I realized it’s a lot more liquid-y than I though. I was expecting chia pudding in a bottle, basically. When opening, I noticed a strong, fresh raspberry scent. The taste though, is very mild and more like the passion fruit than raspberry. I do wish the fruit taste was a bit stronger, but it’s very refreshing!

To “drink” it I actually chew a bit on the pretty soft seeds and then swallow. I cannot just drink it down. The closest I can get is letting it sit on my mouth for a while then forcing it down. (Sorry if TMI!) I do not know what is the “proper” way to drink this is there is a “proper” way.

Overall, this is something I see myself drinking again! I am curious to another flavor offered: Pomegranate mint. Since this one involves mint it might even be more refreshing than this flavor. The only drawbacks I see are people’s looks when they see you drinking chia seeds and the cost. At my school grocery this costs $4.99. At my local Wegman’s it is $3.99. This is a bit more expensive than I tend to spend on a drink (I’m not addicted to Starbucks are any sort of expensive beverage) so I don’t see this as an everyday thing, more if I just want one on occasion! I also found a recipe online for a DIY example. I might just have to try that out!


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