Review and Swatch: Wet n’ Wild MegaRocks Glitter Nail Color in 495A “gettin’ amped”

The other day when I was wandering around my drugstore waiting for a prescription to be filled, I realized I had a $1 off any wet n’ wild nail lacquer over $1.69. I looked at all the megalast and realized that I might have all the colors I liked; and if I didn’t I’d be afraid to buy one without checking out my collection. While looking for another polish to buy I found the Mega rocks collection. This little set has been in the display for a while, but I don’t think I’ve seen it many places, so maybe it was a test collection that never expanded to other stores? I don’t know. All I know is that I had a coupon, the wet n’ wild was 40% off and the bottles had $1 off peelie coupons so I would be getting it for free. This normally retails for $1.99. I decided to get this color because it has both black and silver glitters so I thought it would work with most polishes. There also was silver, gold, red, two purples (one was sold out) and this color.
Gettin’ Amped is a mixture of black and silver hex glitters in a clear base. The glitters are what I’d call medium sized.  The base in neither thick nor thin but there is a lot of in comparison to the glitters. I find it best to wipe of the brush on the neck of the bottle and then go back in and pick up the glitters there. I then dab in on my nail.
Needless to say, this color doesn’t have flawless application; but neither do many other glitter polishes. What this did have is staying power. I applied this over my Orly base coat and Wet n’ Wild Wild Shine in Metallica. Now, I work with my hands a lot as a sales associate. For eight hours I am constantly putting clothes on hangers, picking up boxes or other things off the floor, peeling off or putting on stickers/sensors/tape etc.  So, as you can image, my nails do not last a day normally without serious chipping. But, with this polish, they lasted a day without chipping and on the second day I had one small chip on my right index, at three the chip expanded and on day four one started on my right thumb. For me, this is extremely hard wearing and impressive!
As with all glitters this was a pain to take off though; lots of cotton balls, nail polish remover and even shipping at it with my nail for about 15 minutes to get it all off.

Overall, I am happy with this polish. I don’t wear glitter that much due to the difficulty involved in getting it off and the tendency for some to chip badly; but this lasted impressively long! For $1.99 this is a good polish to buy if you love moderate sized glitters.


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