Lush Review: Catastrophe Cosmetic Fresh Face Mask and US Store Visit

After becoming addicted to Lush’s Fresh Farmacy (it’s the only thing that works well for my face and it’s acne problems and sensitivity) I needed to buy some more before I went back to University. There is only one in my state (about two hours away) but it is luckily only 20 minutes away from my brother’s college so when he had to go move in things to his apartment we decided to stop buy the Lush at King Of Prussia Mall.
This Lush isn’t a huge lush, but it appears to have everything or most of their products.  The girl that helped me was very kind but obviously new and a bit nervous and shy.  I couldn’t find the Fresh Farmacy so she showed me where it was (there was just a few chopped bits of it overshadowed by an abundance of cream cleansers) and chopped off a wedge for me to buy. Let’s just say this was more expensive than I thought. Since I last bought it in grams I didn’t know how to ask for so I just asked for two of the little “humps” or “petals” of the product. This turned out to be 0.3 pounds. This cost me about $15. FIFTEEN DOLLARS for a small wedge of soap?! I bought it anyway because it’s the only thing that works, but I wonder why these things are so much more expensive in the US than in the UK.  I looked on the listed prices and at the store it was $11 or something for 0.25 of a pounds (which is 113 grams) and online it is $9.95 for 3.5 oz (or 99.2 grams).  In the UK (according to the website) it is 4.75 pounds per 11 grams of product. That’s $7.93 dollars per 100 grams. Why is it $2 more per 100 grams in the US? Considering it isn’t a lot of product per 100 grams that is a lot of money (at least to me).  

When I was checking out the girl asked me if I wanted any samples of everything and I was like, Yes, I would like to get a sample of one of your masks. Internally I was thinking “I just spent $15 on a bit of soap, darn right I’m getting a sample of something! Especially since in the UK I spend $5 on a lips scrub and received two samples!” So she went and talked to one of her coworkers who is known for pairing people with masks. They both recommended I try Catastrophe Cosmetic because it’s good for acne and the chamomile in the masks matches the face wash. He then offered to spread a little on the back of my hand. At this I was like no, I just spend $15 I want a sample to try on my face and leave, not sit there and have you talk at me and try to make me buy it when I don’t know what it’ll do to my face! So I politely asked for a small bit to take home with me. He seemed a bit annoyed at me, but filled a little container up for me anyways, and boy, am I glad.

This stuff in NOT impressive. Seriously. You’d think a $10 quickly perishable face mask would be nice. I don’t know if the sample he gave me was old or the batch was made wrong but this stuff is a crumbly mess! Online it says to use a good dollop and spread it on your face, let sit for 10 minutes, but do not let it dry, and then wash off. Well, this stuff was so crumbly and dry it didn’t let me apply more than a thin layer of it to my face and dried almost immediately. I tried to keep in on for 10 minutes, but by the end it was flaking off onto my clothes and floor. When I removed it my face felt a bit dry, a little softened, but none of my redness was lessened or anything. It did nothing! Just dried out my face!  There was enough in the pot for two applications so I’ll try to apply more next time, but it’s just so dry.  Also, it felt pretty good when I swatched it first on my wrist, a bit thin but good. Putting it on the face is the problem!
The website claims that it can “Prevent disasters by taking regular care of your skin with our deep-cleansing, nutrient-rich blueberry mask. The little blue bulbs are packed with vitamins, and blended into calamine, rose absolute and chamomile blue oil to soothe redness, irritation and cleanse the skin without stripping it of its natural oils. This one is wonderfully soothing on sensitive skin.” It does smell nicely though of chamomile. It costs  $6.95 for 2.1 oz aka 0.26 of a cup. ¼ a cup for $7; that’s a lot of money. Also, you know the staff will scoop more than that out for you, ¼ a cup is like 4-6 applications!

Overall, I am unimpressed with the Catastrophe Cosmetics Fresh Face mask almost as much as I am unimpressed with their prices. I understand everything is made freshly by hand and with good ingredients, but you can’t deny they are making hand over fist and have overpriced it for the American market. I will strive to find another face wash that works for me, or at least not buy anything else from Lush until I go back to the UK. 


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