Review and Swatch: MAC Violetta

I finally got the opportunity to go to an actual MAC store! I went to the free standing boutique in the King of Prussia Mall outside of Philadelphia. I knew I wanted a purple lipstick and I had narrowed it down to Up the Amp, Violetta, and Heroine. Once I got to the shop I determined Up the Amp to be not purple enough, and when I tried heroine on, my mother and the Sales Associate determined it to be too much like to lipstick I already had on (NYX Macaron Violet). Thus, I choose Violetta which is slightly warmerand brighter than heroine and has an iridescent finish which is unlike most of my lip colors.

Violetta is a “bright clean violet purple” it is a medium warmed toned purple with iridescent shimmer. It is an amplified cream formula.

Like most amplified lipsticks, the color is bold an opaque. I get full coverage in one swipe across my lips. This color is creamy and glides on well; it does not catch on dry patches at all. It has the slight vanilla scent found in all MAC lipsticks and has the classic MAC packaging.

Overall, I am very pleased by this lipstick. It has a beautiful color with a unique (at least in my collection) finish that gives an great, almost metallic, appearance in come lights. The formula makes this lipstick easy and comfortable to wear, so I see this becoming an everyday lipstick for me.


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