Review and Swatch: NYC 271 Extra Shiny Top Coat

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I bought this as a mistake; I completely admit it. I intended to buy NYC Grand Central Station Clear nail polish, but grabbed this one quickly because I saw “top coat”. Apparently Grand central station isn’t even labeled as a top coat. Huh.  This was 99 cents at the drugstore.
Even though it was a mistake I decided to try it out. Please to not make my mistake: stay away from this one. When worn by itself on the nails it flakes off within a day. The formula itself is too thick and goopy. If your nails aren’t perfectly dry it will catch on it and rip bit of the polish off or cause patches to appear. If you don’t add enough it looks rough on the nail.

Honestly, I don’t find any positives with this one. Pick up Grand Central Station for an extra dollar, or if you only want to pay 99 cents, pick up Wet n’ Wild’s wild shine clear protector instead. That one’s decent. 


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