Review: Target up&up nail polish remover dip-it

I love nail polish, I have many, many bottles to prove it. Cream, glitter, textured, matte, I love them all. I don’t change my polish very often though. I change about one a week or when I start seeing major chips so bad I can’t bare it. My nails chip and flake badly, so by a week it is bad. The main reason I don’t paint my nails so often is partly because I tend to mess my nails up when drying, but mostly because I hate removing polish. The acetone, the cotton balls, the rubbing and picking and struggling before the polish actually comes up. This is probably my least favorite beauty thing ever, seriously. So, when I started hearing about nail polish removing tubs, I was very curious, could they actually remove polish without a struggle?  The one thing that stopped me from trying these out was I had heard many times that the foam inside the pot got ripped easily, couldn’t remove glitter, and left polish that stained your fingers etc. but then came along target dip-it!
Unlike many other nail polish remover pots, the Target dip-it does not have a foam center, instead this one has little plastic bristles than can remove polish (glitter polish, gel polish, and even artificial nails apparently!) without ripping or breaking. They are flexible and soft bristles; they do not hurt. This rubber or plastic apparatus is securely attached to the side of the tub which is filled with acetone.

How I removed the polish is I dipped my finger in and for about 5-10 seconds pushed my finger up and down, side to side, and in a circular motion and when it came out, NO POLISH!! I was seriously amazed. To polish remained even by my cuticles and all that remained was a slight white residue from the acetone (but no polish transfer). I can even see in the future if the acetone gets too dirty or filled with glitter particles, simply dumping the acetone, rinsing the tub and refilling! Not that you can’t get another one, they are only around $2.
Honestly, I am pleasantly surprised by this product. I didn’t think it wasn’t going to work, but I didn’t expect how great it would work! I am seriously so excited to own this, I can see painting my nails more often, or even swatching multiple nail polishes at once. I really recommend this product to everyone; it will make your life so much easier! I haven’t tested it with glitter yet… I’ll have to do that soon especially since my favorite polish of all time never gets worn because it’s pure glitter, but I left it at home!


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