Learning about the London Tube

Like most people, I’d assume, I was nervous about taking the London Tube. I was nervous mostly because it was just something I’ve never done before. Before the tube I had never taken any sort of public transportation, let alone a type of underground train network.
In attempt to prepare myself for the tube, I looked up several video guides on how to use the tube and the oyster card; here are some that I found helpful.
This is a super short, super basic video that is nonetheless a good place to start.
This video is about getting to central London from Heathrow; it is good at explaining your different options.
This is an official looking video that goes in depth about the oyster card; but also does well to explain signs and the tube network itself.
This video explains how to purchase a ticket, and about transfers. It also gives you an idea about how the stations are set up, signs etc.

It turns out that the tube is extremely simple and easy to navigate. The signs are obvious and large, and the trains announce the stops clearly, there really was nothing to be afraid of.


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