Review and swatch: Wet n’ Wild silk finish lipstick in 522A Dark Wine

I already own two lipsticks from this line, and I like them for their smooth application. Unfortunately though, there are only four lipsticks in this range that are not frosty or glittery. Besides the now three I own, the other color is a neon Barbie pink (not my thing).
Dark wine is a medium cranberry color; it is not that dark and is lighter than it appears in the tube. This lipstick has a crème finish and, like all silk finish lipstick, glides on very nicely. It doesn’t tug or catch on dry spots. Because of this, it transfers quite easily and can be smudges; you might want to clean up the edges around your lips with a bit of concealer.

This lipstick lasts what I would believe to be an average amount; it does transfer easily when eating.
I think this color is a great holiday color and a good way for someone intimidated by dark lips to enjoy this winter trend. While the packaging is horrible as per usual, for 99 cents this is still a steal.


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