Packing Trial: Make up

For my three and a half month stay in London, I of course need a lot of make-up! Though I know it is of course possible to but make up in England I’d rather not because A) they don’t have certain brands like e.l.f and wet n wild and B) make up is significantly more expensive in London. So, I decided just to bring enough makeup (hopefully!) my entire visit.  I also decided that it must all fit on my large make up bag, otherwise I’d be tempted to bring all of my lipsticks! What I brought was:

3 tubes and one almost empty rude of foundation (the one thing I can’t live without!)
1 and a partial tube of elf concealer, eyelid primer, and wet n wild concealer
Moisturizer and eye crème
Face powders (translucent and pressed foundation)
Bronzer, and two blushes
Tweezers, eyelash curler and extra eyelash curler pads
Brow powder
My 2 current mascaras and one new one

Naked 3 palette and 2 wet n wild palettes
Urban decay primer potion samples
Occ lip tar set and four other lipsticks
Bobby pins etc.
Various brushes
What I didn’t include in these pictures is my nail polish. For that I’m bring four colors plus a base and top coat.

All of this fits snugly into my makeup bag and should be enough make up to last me the semester.


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