Packing Trial: 7 days before

For my 3.5 month trip to London I will have to live out of one suitcase plus any carry-on bags I will bring. This bag also has to be 50 pounds or less, or I get an overweight baggage fee. To make sure I had an idea of how much room I have to pack, I did I trail run a week before. This is what I found and what I brought.
First of all, my suitcase had to carry all my clothes, toiletries, and school supplies.  I found I actually had more than enough room and even put in some more clothes!
The clothes I brought are:
3 skirts
4 shirts
2 sweaters
5 dresses (plus one in my carry on)
One cardigan (plus the one I will be wearing on the plane)
3 pairs of pajamas and 1 pair of yoga pants
Assorted undergarments
Pair of short boots

In addition I also brought and alarm clock, make-up, folders and journals, and pens, pencils etc. and contact solution.

Now this isn’t definitely all I’m bringing, but it still gives me a good 9 outfits plus the one I will be wearing and I might even shove another one into my other carry on. All of this is also only 24 pounds, that’s under half of my max allowed weight!
Needless to say, this is a definite weight off my shoulders! I feel a lot more confident that I can bring everything I need to bring without much struggle, and since I made sure to bring the clothes I wear the most I shouldn’t have problems with having “nothing to wear”.
Next up: Packing Trial: make up

Have you ever tried to live out of a single suitcase?


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