Review and Swatch: Wet n’ wild Deluxe Eye collection in Lust

The wet n’ wild “lust” palette was a limited edition palette a few years ago that I was never able to get. So, when I hear that the lust palette was coming back for a limited time in a holiday set, I had to pick it up. It was quite troublesome to find; it is part of a set of colors (I saw three different color sets, but there could be four or more) and some rite-aids or CVS’s only carried one color. I found the Greed set most often; it took me about four or five different drugstore to find this one.

The set includes a six pan eyeshadow palette (mine is in the color lust), a lengthening mascara, and a black eyeliner. This palette retails for $4.99, the same price was one of their 8 pan palettes.
The lust palette contains six colors:
The left side contains all mattes: a light pink, a medium purple, and a dark purple.
The right side contains shimmery/glittery tones. All shades contain glitter: a shimmery off white with white glitter, a shimmery dark grey with silver glitter, and a dark purple/black shade with pink glitter.

I like this mix of both matte and shimmery tones; I just wish not all the shimmery tones contained glitter. The glitter is very fine though.
These shades are all velvety soft, and because of this can cause a bit of fall out, especially the lightest shades. The pigmentation is good across the board, but the two matte purples are not all pigmented as the others, but still quite good. I’ve noticed that for some reasons purples are never that pigmented.
This palette is very pretty to me, which I why I went on several trips to find it. Unfortunately, it’s not very wearable on its own. Both the light colors are good bases, and the dark purple, “black” with glitter and the grey are all good defining outer corner colors; there isn’t a very good choice for in the crease to be blended out toward the browbone. The middle purple just has to do, but I would have preferred it to be cooler like the other colors, or if they grey had been lighter.

The palette comes with a little angled brush and sponge tipped applicators which are useless.
The black eyeliner pencil is the most basic wooden pencil, sharpen yourself, eyeliner pencil. I haven’t used one of these since I was like 12. It doesn’t blend out that well; it sheers more than smudges. It’s not the worst I’ve tried, but it isn’t particularly smooth. But, I also don’t have much experience or use for it.

The mascara is a very thin bottle and has a thin applicator to match. It has plastic bristles, like I prefer, but they are very short. Because of this, it is good for my lower lashes, but not my upper ones. It does lengthen decently, but I wouldn’t buy this separate.

Overall, for the $4.99, I think this is a decent deal, even if you are only really paying for the palette. They eyeshadows are a good quality and a seductive color choice for me.  


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