Winter dry skin regime

While I usually have quite oily skin most of the year, during the wintertime my skin gets dry. Whether it’s just the cold and dry winter air, or the fact that I do to my parents’ house which has unnaturally dry air, either way my skin gets positively scaly. This is how I deal with it.

Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize…
If your skin is dry, you need to add moisture! I step up my game during the winter by moisturizing my skin twice a day, morning and night, instead of my usual morning. I also use a thicker formula at night. I like Olay’s spf 15 moisture lotion. I also make sure to moisturize my lips. I use lip balm constantly (I like Burt’s Bees) in addition to Aquaphor for when my lips get bad.

If your moisturizer can’t get underneath a layer of scaly, dry, skin you need to exfoliate it away. Normally, I exfoliate once a week, I up it to twice during the winter. I like to use St. Ive’s Apricot scrub. Also, be sure to exfoliate your lips especially if you are planning to use a matte lip color.
Don’t wash too much…

Washing your skin can also dry it. Firstly, make sure your face wash doesn’t dry your skin out. I’m pretty good with Biore’s Combination Skin cleaner. I also stop washing my face with the wash twice a day. Instead in the morning I only splash my face with a bit of water.

I hope this works for you! Before long though, I’ll be back to my oily self!


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