Candy bar review: Yorkie, Double Decker and Munchies

I picked up a few candy bars I hadn’t had yet at tesco. These were single bars and were 63 pence each, but I got them 3 for 1 pound 20 on offer.
The first bar I chose was the yorkie bar which was a slight disappointment. My goal had been to grab some unique british candy bars but this was just plain chocolate. It was decent, nestle chocolate but was not the sort of interesting filling or what have you that I was looking for.
The double decker is a thick candy bar with two layers: chocolate with rice and nougat wrapped in chocolate. The bottom layer is like a nestle crunch bar and the top layer nougat is more like a 3 musketeers texture than snickers. It was the nougat that eventually got to me. It was so fluffy like marshmallow but also stretchy and slightly oily. There was also a lot of it so after a while I got sick of it. Overall, it was a decent candy bar but nit something I’d run to grab again.

The munchies were the star of this group. Instead of an actual bar it is many small square chocolates wrapped in one paper. You can eat this like mentos and just unwrap the paper and pop one out. The chocolates themselves were actually a biscuit (cookie) center surrounded by caramel and then wrapped in chocolate. It is pretty similar to a twix, but the caramel was the star like as in a Rolo. This was a very nice choice and I would buy it again. 


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