Edinburgh, Scotland part 2

On the second day of our tour we woke up early to check out (you have to be out by 10) and then stored our luggage with the hostel for just a pound. We then headed out to breakfast at a little cafĂ© and then to Arthur’s seat. This is a large mountain on the end of Edinburgh that is supposed to be the place of Camelot and is popular to climb. We had a long and hard climb up and down (we went to the very top of the highest peak) and then stopped by another pub for lunch. For lunch I had haggis which was very nice (it tastes almost like roast beef but has the creaminess associated with liver). We then headed over to the Surgeon’s museum which I may warn is not for the squeamish or faint hearted. The museum is full of medical artifacts and specimens including Burke’s skin pocket book and skulls from the battle of waterloo. The more disturbing pieces involved feet preserved with gangrene, fetus skeletons, and a man’s face floating on a jar.

We were going to go to the castle, but due to time (and being a bit tired and low on money) we decided instead just to pick up our bags and head to the train station. Our train left at 5 pm and took us back to London at 11 pm from there we took the tube home and I was in bed going to sleep by midnight. 


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