Tea Review: Twinings Rose Garden

I am an official sucker for anything rose flavored/scented. While at tesco’s my eye was caught by twining’s rose garden tea; a rose and black tea mix. I was unable to resist and bought it; it was about 2 pounds 50 pence for 20 tea bags.
The scent of the tea is fantastic; it has that good, mellow rose scent that reminds one of Turkish delight or a light rose water. It is sweet, not perfume like.  I brewed it following the directions for about 3 and a half minutes. I then added a small amount of sugar and milk. This unfortunately made it an unsightly grey color. The flavor though was fantastic; a mellow black tea with a sweet rose taste and scent. The rose was in no way overwhelming.  I also attempted to make a second cup with the same bag, and was moderately successful; it was a bit too weak for my taste even after 5-7 minutes brew time.

Overall, I am very happy with this tea. The packaging is beautiful and the tea tastes wonderful. I only wish it was a bit less pricy, but it is comparable to other more mid-range tea brands. 


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