Food Review: Costa Coffee

Everybody knows Starbucks, but each country, and often times region, has its own coffee chains. In London, a popular coffee chain you see around constantly is Costa Coffee.  I have limited internet at my flat, so I went to costa coffee to use their Wi-Fi; my other flat mates have done this before.  The costa I went to was pretty small and so didn’t have too many seats. I ordered a medium cappuccino (they seem to have weird size names like starbucks but I couldn’t read them). Since I wanted to stay in they gave me a nice ceramic cup, saucer and a metal spoon. The coffee was 2 pounds 45 and was a good size. It also came with a cute design done on the top in cocoa powder and a lot of milk foam which I like. The taste was okay, but must have been very strong because it gave me a caffeine headache lasting over 3 hours (and I sipped by coffee; I did not gulp it) and made me a bit hyper.
It was a bit complicated to get online because I assumed like in the states, they would have a wifi named after them and you could just log on. Starbuck in the uk does this too.  This costa at least doesn’t do that. After trying to get online for over 20 minutes I worked up the courage to ask one of the guys wiping the tables if they had wifi. He then handed me a card he got near the cashier which has their password. I guess this is to keep people from using their wifi without paying. Once I got on the wifi it was very fast.  I didn’t feel pressured by the table cleaners either to get a move on; they just left me to my laptop.

Overall, my experience was okay. I wish there had been a sign or something to let me know what the wifi was called and that I needed to ask for the password. The coffee also wasn’t fantastic and I felt overpriced a bit. 


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