Making Tea: The “squish” technique

When learning about tea, you are swamped with ideas about brew time, types of tea, temperature of the water etc., all of which have to be followed to make a “proper” cup of tea. But since I’ve been here whenever I’ve seen an actual British person drinking tea they use what I am calling the squish method and I have also remember hearing about this online.
The general idea of the squish method is to made a cup of tea quickly you stick a tea bag in boiled water and squish it around your cup for a bit until the tea has turned your desired color.
What comes from this is a quite nice cup of tea; since you are not spending a lot of time brewing it, it is hard to over brew and thus is not bitter, but it still has the taste of tea.  This is a good way to spend the least amount of time in the kitchen, but you still have to wait for the tea to cool down so you end up not being able to drink it quicker. You also have to know what color you like your tea instead of what time you like it to brew for.

This is the way I make my tea now, and I saves me time in the end.


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