Candy Bars Review: Fry’s Turkish Delight, Cadbury Twirl, and Kit Kat chunky peanut butter

I’ve been trying out all of the uniquely british candy bars I can find at my local tesco. Each bar is about 63 pence, but I got them on offer 3 for 1.20 pounds.
The first bar I tried was the Turkish Delight. I have already tried another version of this candy; the Cadbury version.  Both sweets are rose flavored jelly covered in chocolate. The Cadbury is as much chocolate is not more than the actual Turkish delight. Fry’s is much more jelly than chocolate. There is a good centimeter worth of jelly with just a very thin coating of chocolate.  This is an extremely rich sweet, as anyone who has eaten traditional Turkish delight knows, so I was not able to eat the entire bar even though it isn’t that large (it actually looks really small, but is heavy at 51 grams). It is good though, and since I have not been able to find the Cadbury version in snack bar size it is a good option if you feel like rose over fruit or chocolate.

The last bar was the Peanut Butter kit kat. I had the regular chunky kit kat and was underwhelmed; just a large kit kat with a bit too much chocolate in comparison to wafer.  The peanut butter definitely improved the flavor; it gave a more interesting richness than just wafer and chocolate. It essential is a reeses peanut butter cup stuck on top of a kit kat; so quite nice. Overall, it is a very nice candy bar that I would eat again.


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