Food Review: Pret a Manger

If you spend any time in London; you will see many Pret a Manger. “Pret” as it is known is a popular food chain here in the UK. Their main foods are lunch related; they have many different sandwiches in addition to soups, salads, and even sushi!  I really like pret for lunch because there food is handmade daily, is made of high quality ingredients and tastes great.  None of their food has artificial preservatives or questionable chemicals. Many of their foods are also locally sourced, organic, free range etc.  
There sandwiches are my go to lunch. They are also on par cost wise to anything you would get at sainsbury’s or tesco for lunch; they are all round the 3 pound range. Most stuff from the grocery store is around 2-3 pounds and not very good.  The sandwiches at pret are great; I really like their baguette sandwiches; one of my go to meals is the ham and cheese. This is no American slice and ground ham lunch meat; it is a great aged cheese with ham that looks like it was just cut off the bone.
They also have “toasties” or hot sandwiches and many snacks to go with the food like kale chips and fruit cups. They also have good drinks, for 99 pence you can either get a food regular (fair trade) drip coffee or one of their pret canned drinks; my favorite is grape and elderflower.

To be honest, you can’t go wrong with Pret for lunch. There is something for everyone and every taste and is simple and well done without being pretentious. For an idea of the atmosphere; it’s like a more casual, quicker version on Panera Bread.  The food is also so reasonably priced that you are not going to break your budget if you have to eat lunch out. 


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