Basic Lemonade Recipe

Summer is here! To celebrate the warming weather I thought I’d share with you my favorite (and easiest) lemonade recipe. The setup is based on one lemon, but is of course easily doubled, tripled etc.
1 lemon
2 generous tbsp sugar or sugar substitute
Water and ice
Firstly squeeze your lemon to get its juice. I do not have a specific amount this should give you, but it can vary from tart to pretty sweet depending on the amount.
Strain this juice into a large glass
Next mix your sugar with some boiling water to help it dissolve; this is not necessary if it it an easily dissolvable sugar substitute like Splenda. 
Mix this with the lemon.
Next add about a cup of water to your glass (or more if you find it too strong at this point) and add some ice cubes. If you like it really cold, put in in the fridge for a few minutes.

Drink, and feel refreshed. 


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