Product Review: First Aid Shot Therapy

In my vox box I received from Influenster, one of the products I got free to review is the First Aid Shot Therapy. This is an NSAID pain reliever drink “shot” that is supposed to give you fast relief of all your aches and pains.
It comes in a silver wrapped plastic bottle much like 5-hour energy shots do. There is also about the same amount of liquid. I waited until I go a headache from the heat and work to try this out.
The liquid is clear and has a faint scent. The taste is not very strong; it’s almost like very lightly flavored water. Mine was the berry flavor, but it wasn’t really that “berry” it just had that sort of medicine taste I relate best to chewable Pepto.  It wasn’t bad and very light but not exactly tasty. I didn’t need to drink water after; the flavor went away from my mouth in a minute.
I noticed my headache had gone in about 20 minutes; when using tablets it usually takes between 30 and 40 minutes to clear. Overall, this product definitely works and would be convenient for anyone who has trouble swallowing pills, but for my life this takes up too much space and costs more than regular ibuprofen for me to use regularly. This would be pretty awesome for travel too, though!


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