Sephora X Chaotic dupe

While the Sephora X line has been out for several months, there still seems to a bit of excitement over it. One polish I’ve seen a good amount of hype about is one of the “Xplosives” top coats called Chaotic. With just one look at it I knew I had the exact same polish already in my collection!
The polish I am talking about is the Maybelline color show Polka Dots collection in 75 clearly spotted. Chaotic is described as “black and white confetti” and is a mixture of black and white hex matte glitters in a clear base with three seizes of glitter plus black bar glitter. Clearly spotted is exactly the same, except there is no bar glitters.

For me, there would be no reason to spend $12.50 on Chaotic when I could spend $2.99 on clearly spotted. With how glitter polishes are especially, who would miss the bar glitters? Depending on how sparse they are through the polish they might not even appear on every nail! I like clearly spotted as a top coat or between jelly polishes, but I wouldn’t spend over $10 for it. 


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