Review: Sephora Retractable Lip brush #60

Since I wear lipstick a lot I need a good lip brush. Sometimes I apply out of the tube; but often times especially if it’s a dark or a red lipstick I use a brush to outline my lips in the very least. The one I have been using is a free travel sized one I got in a NYX kit. This only had a small plastic cap that often falls out in my purse so I’ve been looking for a retractable one which is not as easy as you might think.

I eventually settled on this lip brush from Sephora because it looked nice; wasn’t as expensive as Japonesque or MAC which also had retractable brushes and since I was going to Sephora to pick up my birthday gift it wasn’t out of my way. It is pretty small; only about four inches and thin which makes it travel friendly. I touched the bristles in store and they felt soft; but stiff enough for a lip brush. It cost $10 which is more than I wanted to spend, but since I would use it so much it’s a decent price right?
Wrong. I hate this brush. The bristles hardly pick up any product so I can swipe it against my lipstick 15 times and still only get a sheer line on my lips. It also causes many patches on my lips. It is also not very good at evening these patches out. After much struggle the best I can get is a sheer lightly patchy lip look; not what I want! I also tried several different brands and formulas (matte, creme, glossy etc.) and nothing turned out well.
sephora lip brush
my "free" and current lip brush
I tried this out with several colors and formulas and nothing works well with it. I took pictures in an attempt to illustrate this, but trust me it looks 10 times worse in real life! The fact is I cannot see this being worth my $10 especially since all the reviews online mention that is falls apart really quickly, usually within a month! I am returning it as soon as possible; luckily Sephora’s return policy allows for this.

In conclusion, I do not recommend this brush even though it looks good because it gives sheer and patchy coverage at best and is known to fall apart. I’m now going to search for the Real Techniques and Eco Tools lip brushes that come with caps and even if those fall of or break they are half the price of this Sephora brush.


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