How to get L’oreal Color Riche Extraordinaire lip color for $1! (and almay liquid lip balm for 50 cents!)

A few months ago L’oreal came out with a new liquid lipstick/gloss hybrid product. I was actually in the UK at the time I first saw a commercial for it. I was immediately intrigued and loved the sleek YSL inspired packaging. As soon as it came to Boots I went to check it out and it seemed cool… but 10 pounds. Even when I came home I couldn’t see spending $10 on it! I decided to wait for a coupon or a sale or both and I got lucky enough to get it for $1. Here’s how:
Firstly; this entire deal may not be possible unless you keep your Sunday coupon booklets or (like me) cut out all the beauty coupons to create a stash. A few weeks ago (the earliest it could have been would be last week of April, most likely it was mid-May) there was a $3 off L’oreal extraordinaire coupon in the insert. I decided to also wait for a sale at a store which is happening this week. At Rite-aid all L’oreal is 40% off (june 1st- 7th ) in addition there is a coupon on rite-aid’s website for $2 off l’oreal extraordinaire. This is a “video value” and means you must have an account, but can be stacked with manufacturer coupons. So since the lip color is $9.99 at Rite-aid it goes
$9.99 40% off = $5.99, $3 of coupon = $2.99, $2 off coupon= 99cents +tax = $1.05!
Now how to get an Almay Liquid Lip Balm for 50 cents; it’s simple!  In this week’s newspaper (june 1st-7th) there is a $4 off any Almay product coupon. While the lip balm is like $6 at CVS etc. it is only $4.49 at Walmart. With the coupon it’s like 50 cents! I do not know the exact tax because I bought other stuff but it should be 3 cents so it would technically be 52 cents.

I hope you found this helpful! Come back soon for reviews on these products!


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