Cosmetics Company Outlet Review (Visit #2)

According to the internet, Cosmetics Company Outlets get new shipment at the end of every month so this, in addition to wanting the lipstick I left behind last time, encouraged me to go again before going back to university.
I did try to get some pictures this time, but the store was actually crowded this times (as opposed to last time when I was alone) and mostly full of pushy older women near the MAC products, so I didn’t want to seem like the teenager who takes pictures of everything. Because of this I only got a few pictures and only of the lower shelves.

Bobbi Brown

They had gotten in some new products, but unfortunately, none of these appeared to be MAC lipsticks. They mostly seemed to get in a whole lot of (expensive!) estee lauder make up brushes. They also appeared to have a lot of foundation and a decent choice of concealers in most brands. They also, as like last time, had a wide range of eyeshadows and palettes. The lipstick range was unfortunate. They hadn’t gotten anything new in and had sold out of a few from last time. Luckily, they had Vegas Volt so I did buy that. There was a different lady working from last time who was not nearly as friendly (or maybe just a lot more busy?) as the last saleswoman. This time, I would have felt too intimidated to ask to try the lipstick on, but that’s just me.
mac blushes

mac shadow palettes

The lipstick I bought this time (MAC Vegas Volt) is an amplified crème. Apparently, different formulas have different prices so instead of being $10.50 like my Viva Glam Nicki (which is a satin) it was $11.25. Honestly, this annoys me. Even though it is only an additional 75 cents the fact that different formulas cost more (and there is no sign that tells you this) is irritating! They don’t cost more at the official MAC stores! Also, when buying this you are only saving $4.75. Honestly, if there was a MAC store any closer I wouldn’t really come here often. Even though $5 can buy you stuff, for a better selection (and hopefully better customer service and the chance of free samples) I would probably go straight to the MAC source.

A review on Vegas Volt will be coming soon! Do you think it’s worth going to a CCO?


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