Review and Swatch: Urban Decay Perversion Mascara

A few weeks ago Urban Decay was running a promotion for their new mascara; the Urban Decay Perversion Mascara. They also gave away some samples online to the first several thousand people who sent in their information when the giveaway began. It started around 3am and I happened to wake up to my phone vibrating to the e-mail announcement.  I was very happy and excited to try this mascara!
UD Perversion came in a shiny dark silver tube with purple writing. The tube contained 0.1 fl oz or product. The mascara itself is a very dark black and neither clumpy or runny. The brush is a traditional spoolie brush.  I find the mascara to be good but not amazing or revolutionary. It combs through my lashes well, but not as well as plastic bristles. It doesn’t clump or cause spider lashes, but the appearance is not dramatic and doesn’t keep my lashes curled.

Overall, I find this to be an okay mascara, but not really different or worth the money. It just doesn't amaze me. A full sized tube is 0.4 fl oz for 22 dollars. (so the sample is worth ~$5.50).
I almost didn't include a picture of me wearing it because you can't really tell!


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