Review and Swatch: Covergirl Hunger games collection nail polish in Violet Flicker

While I have looked at these polishes before, I just bought this one recently because the entire line of these mini polishes is 50% off at CVS as part of their clearance sale. I managed to get this for around $1.15 because I also had a 50 cents off coupon.
This polish has an extremely complex color. It is a sort of violet with gold, blue, and pink glitter. The color is constantly changing with the lighting and looks more expensive than drugstore.  The polish is very sheer though, with one layer. I had to actually add three, which I don’t tend to do, to get a nice opacity. Since the bottle and cap are so small, and thus also the brush, it was a bit hard to apply well. Also, since the bottle is so small it contains very little product (only 3.5 ml!) while a normal nail polish had around 13 ml of product.

Overall, this is a beautiful color which I would love to see in a large bottle, but it is still okay at this price point. I wish the color was more opaque and the brush was easier to hold. 


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