My Summer Wardrobe

I haven't done any outfit of the days during the summer (there really isn't anywhere for me to take to pictures) so i decided to put together a little polyvore pic to give you an idea of what I've been wearing.

1. A-line skirts and dresses: While I used to only wear clothes of the "fit and flair" variety I've lately been into pencil skirts and form fitting dresses.

2. Kimonos and fringe: fringe is in and I like it best on a cute, flow-y kimono!

3. Cut out booties and closed toe sandals: who needs flip flops? I like to have slightly different foo wear during the summer. I'm a bit fan of cut out booties with socks (with lace!) or closed toe leather sandals.

4. Dark Lipstick: Vampy lips are year round for me. I' really loving berry tones like MAC Revel and purples like MAC Violetta or NYX Macaron Violet.

5. Big Totes: I like to carry everything around with me, suncreen, umbrella, five lipsticks etc.

6. Hair off the Face: Bandannas, scarves, high buns, all are good during the summer.


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