Review and Swatch: L’oreal Color Riche lipstick in Velvety Fuchsia

These lipsticks have been showing up at CVS 50% off and also at Big Lots for $4 (which is slightly cheaper). I saw the color I wanted at big lots so I picked it up.
The color I got is called velvety fuchsia and there is no better way to describe it. It is a very slightly purple pink with very subtle shimmer which only appears as glossiness on the lips. The color is a bit sheer and needed 3-4 passes to get this level of strength.  My lips are also pretty pigmented though and show through this lipstick a bit. The consistency is similar to a lip balm and doesn’t feel drying at all on the lip.
The packaging on the lipstick is probably the nicest that I have. I can tell some of this inspiration is from l’oreal owned YSL with the nice sleek and gold packaging. The color on the side is an insert, not the product, but is pretty accurate for this color.

Overall, this product is quite nice. The color is a bit sheerer than I thought, but is great for those days when I don’t want that much coverage. As it is, I only have about 3 products that give me this level of color. While I would not buy this full price at $10, I am not disappointed at it for $4 though I had hoped to get it a little cheaper.  (Note: After this I was able to find this lipstick and the entire range for $3.99 at Walmart. If you had the $1 off coupon from online or newspaper you could get it for $3.)


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