Review and Swatch: Wet n’ wild Silk Finish lipstick in Hot Paris Pink

            Coral is a great color for summer and since I don’t wear much color when it comes to clothes, lipstick is a perfect place for me to wear it. Wet n wild was buy one get one free this week at rite-aid so I decided to pick up a color I had hear about as part of their mega last range: Coral-ine. Unfortunately, it appears this color is discontinued because there is no place for it in the display.  I instead looked around and found this to be the closest to coral I could find. I only had a few silk finish lipstick because many of them are frosts which don’t look very nice; they look either 80’s ish or like I’m 8 years old. This one fortunately is a crème finish.

Hot Paris Pink is a warm, slightly coral toned bright pink. It had a crème finish. This lipstick isn’t that opaque; I have very pigmented lips so it needs a few swipes or a layer of concealer to lie upon. For this picture I applied a thin layer of a liquid concealer.  The texture is very slick and so it goes on smoothly. It is also not drying at all.
it looks warmer than it does in the photo

Overall, this was a good polish to add to my collection for summer. While it’s not as coral as I’d like it still had a great texture and finish which is very wearable. Also, since it’s only $0.99 why not?


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