Review and Swatch: Nivea Lip Butter in Raspberry Rose Kiss

I’m such a sucker for lip balms, and even more so for lip balms in tins. Needless to say, when I saw the Nivea lip butter in raspberry rose kiss I had to have it.

Raspberry Rose kiss is a pale pink milky lip balm with a strong, sweet, candy-like raspberry scent. It is not as thick as Burt’s Bees lip balm, but is thicker than chapstick. It is similar in consistency to the Vaseline lip balms. I find it to be moderately moisturizing and lasts an hour or two. As a not also, it is not rose as in the flower, but rose like referring to color. There is no rose scent involved (though I wish there was).

I have no problems with the consistency or moisturizing properties, but I do not like the color. Since it is a milky pastel pink instead of giving your lips a healthy tint (like Vaseline rosy lips) or giving it a clear chine, instead this product leaves a pale milky film. Instead of improving your lips this makes them look paler and almost “dead” or “sick” like. This is really not a good look.
bare lips
with nivea lip butter

The packaging also isn’t the best. While I like tins, this one is a lot thinner and more flexible than the Vaseline tin. I can bend the cap a bit and the cap comes off, in my mind, too easily. The overly decorative front image is also not my idea of what a lip balm tin should look like.

Overall, this is a decent balm for moisturizing your lips, but this is not good for wearing outside on its own, and the packaging is a bit flimsy, so I wouldn’t trust this knocking around the bottom of my purse. 


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